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At Axis Packaging Solution we take pride in the quality of our work. This is made possible because we have a variety of finishing equipment and the best machine operator’s available.

Finishing Equipment & Capabilities


  • Bobst Die Cutter – used for all die cutting and embossing applications up to E flute.  

  • Heidelberg Die Cutter – small format die cutting unit for applications up to 24pt.

  • Neo Legato Specialty Folder / Gluer – used for folding and gluing almost every type of folding carton including Auto lock bottoms, straight lines, 4 & 6 corner boxes.  

  • Moll’s Folder / Gluer machine – used for many versatile gluing and folding operations such as pocket folders, capacity folders and accordion folders.

  • International Right-angle Folder / Gluer -  used for straight line, 4 & 6 corner box gluing.

  • Ga Vehren Tipping machine – used for attaching and affixing media into existing products such as books or magazines.

  • Staude Windowing Machine – used for adding plastic film on boxes with window cut outs for applications such as doughnut and cake boxes.

  • Automatic two-sided tapping unit – A portable attachment used for inline two sided tapping applications.


With a wide range of finishing options, you can rest assured that no matter the project we will have the right Solution for you.


We realize that product development is no simple task. At times it takes multiple iterations and hours of tedious work. At Axis we like to simplify that process as much as we can. By implementing state of the art 3D CAD software and high tech 3D printing processes we can greatly reduce cost, errors and lead time.

Software & Equipment

  • Artios CAD – Used for folding carton structural design.   

  • Solid Works CAD – Used for engineering and creating 3D CAD models.

  • Various 3D applications to create organic 3D objects.

  • Stratasys Eden 3D printer – Used for high quality rapid prototyping, The Eden 3D printer is capable of printing in various different forms of resin based plastics. Such as clear, polypropylene, rubber-like, high temperature plastics for molds and bio-compatible plastics.

Our next-gen equipment’s and processes help our customers in ways that were never possible before. Now we have the ability to not only prototype the packaging, but also the products themselves. 

Prototyping & CAD/CAM

Equipments & Capabilities

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Design & Graphics
Prototyping & CAD/CAM
Design & Graphics

At Axis we use the latest Software and hardware in order to keep up with high-end graphics and design requirements. We use a variety of software solutions and hardware platforms, so that we may cater to all our customers.


Hardware & Software

  • Multiple custom high powered PC's

  • Varity of high end Mac Pro's

  • Full Adobe Suite and plugins for Artios CAD

  • Corel Draw

  • Artios CAD (folding carton design software)

We use all these great tools to ensure that we provide nothing by excellence to our customers.


Our goal at Axis is to provide our customers with the right services. Every job has its own specifications, cost of manufacturing and lead times. That’s why we work with our local partners and overseas sister company Rigas Prints. In order to accommodate various types of print methods, so that we may offer the best solution for you. 


Printing Equipment’s & Capabilities

  • 8 color Nilpeter Flexographic press – with all UV stations used for specialty printing.

  • 10 color Nilpeter Flexographic press – with all UV stations, hot foil unit and flatbed die cutter. Used for specialty and security printing. Equipped with variable data printing unit.

  • 6 & 8 color Heidelberg Offset press – with capabilities to print on substrates up to 26pts with inline UV unit.

  • 5 color HP Indigo digital press – Used for small to medium size run quantities and minimal lead times.

  • Sakuri Automatic Screen printng unit – used for high end, textured, raised and spot UV applications. 


Our diversity in printing enables us to offer multiple possibilities. With the ability to print on many different substrates such as plastics, vinyl, metalized foils and all paper and paper boards of various thicknesses. 

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