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Our Founders
Kezar Ratlamwala, CFO

Kezar has been a part of the print and packaging industry for about 4 decades. His experience and expertise is the foundation that Axis Packaging Solutions was built on. Over the many years Kezar has started one corrugation facility, three printing companies and two of those with folding carton finishing units. Despite the fact that he has ink flowing thru his veins, Kezar started off his professional career in plastics and later migrated to printing. Since then he has diversified into many different fields within the print and packaging world.

Shakil started getting his feet wet at an early age. His father’s passion for entrepreneurship and exploration bleed into his very existence. He has taken new concepts and ideas and merged them together with the experience brought in by Kezar. Shakil has used his abilities in graphic design, web design, 3D CAD design, 3D printing & engineering to create new avenues for Axis. With next generation tools and valuable experience, he plans to take Axis to the next level. 

Shakil Ratlamwala, CEO 


Axis is more than just a packaging company. It is an outlet for our customers to bridge imagination with reality. We take requirements, specifications, tolerances, guidelines and provide completion. We understand what our customers require, because we don’t just provide a service we provide solutions. Axis Packaging Solutions is the culmination of like minded minds with the belief that our duties are not limited to our services but to the satisfaction of our clients.


With this philosophy Axis Packaging Solution was founded, by Kezar & Shakil Ratlamwala. We are not just a family owned business, we are a family business. Which means that all of our employee’s and staff are family and we treat all our customers with the same respect. Combined Kezar & Shakil are the perfect balance between experience and innovation. Kezar has 4 decades of printing and packaging experience under his belt and Shakil has the tutelage of his father with a few new skills. Together they know that every project has its own equation but only one solution, Axis Packaging Solution!


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